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Hola a todas!

Hi every1, it's me again not too much to say just that I miss you all so much but I tried to read my journal every time I can.

Is winter in Guatemala and there are a lot of rain. I have to renew my driver licence today I hate the streets when is raining I rather be in my home with my cup of chocalote watching movies... lol I'm so lazy.

Estuardo and I are still together and OMG!!! we mentioned the word "marriage" sometimes.... but nothing to serious yet.

What else... Guatemala vrs. USA today in Copa Oro... lmao.. if somebody is interested in that information.

Could somebody update me with the last news of James, I know that he is recording a new albun that's great but what happen with P.S. I love you?

Luv ya all girls, write to me ok... bye!!!!!!


PS: edgehead73 I used one of your wallpappers to change my layout hon, credit you in my sidebar. And Chris what happen with your pics of the London con.
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