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Buffy is Pregnant!!!! [4.14.09 (Tuesday) 2:54pm]
[ mood | happy ]

That sounds so cute. Well almost true, Sara Michell is going to be mom!!! That is wonderful news. She is waiting for her first baby. I feel so happy for her and I know that she will never receive this message, but I deserve her all the blessings and twist for her baby.

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[12.08.08 (Monday) 3:56pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

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:( Not Vampire... it's ok. I like too.
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[11.25.08 (Tuesday) 5:45pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Hi girls, just a few words to let you know that, will first that I'm alive, and I miss you all so much, I hope you are okay.

A pic from Fernando, can you believe it!! my son has 8 months now!!!

the boyCollapse )

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[6.15.08 (Sunday) 4:49pm]

New pic of my baby, he has 3 month now and thanks God he is handsome and healthy. This is specially for my lovely friend cryssiemarsters
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My Baby [4.04.08 (Friday) 10:51pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Hi girls!!! How are you doing? I hope everyone be as happy as I am. First let me intruduce to you my babyCollapse )

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[1.09.08 (Wednesday) 7:30am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hola!! How are you girls? I feel bad because I don`t have enough time to be in touch with you my friends, I hope that everybody have a wonderful 2008.

Just to let you know my pregnancy is going well, right now I'm on 30 weeks, just 75 days more to my delivery !!!! Uhu!!! Just 75 days to have my boy, yes... my BOY !!! Uhu!!!

I'm very happy, I almost have all his forniture and a lot of friends and family gave my clothes, toys and a lot of stuffs. I'm so ready!!! (of course I'm not thinking in the exactly moment of the birth)

Believe it or not I don't have any single picture of me pregnant to show you, but I'm gonna do that this week.

I hope all you can write to me and tell me what's new with the you and the communities...

Lots of hugs... Luv ya all!!

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James as Piccolo [11.14.07 (Wednesday) 8:10am]
I cannot believe it when I read about it on gina_spike journal, I must say that Dragon Ball is one of my favorites cartoons and I mark that word "cartoon". I don't know how could it be for real and James as Piccolo...

You don't know who piccolo is... well search for a Dragon Ball pic in the net and then look for the green one!!! lol

You can read more about this on http://whedonesque.com/comments/14739
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To cheer you up!! [10.10.07 (Wednesday) 8:29am]
Take 45 secs. to watch this....



BTW: Everything is doing well with the pregnancy, on Oct. 25th finally I will know if is a girl or a boy. (I'm thinking in post a poll just to know what do you think could be... I think will be fun... but How to do that? a poll? :P )
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[9.23.07 (Sunday) 9:12am]
[ mood | happy ]

Hola!!! How are you girls? I’ve centuries to don’t post anything here, but my life gave a 360º turn months ago, but now I feel safe to share my pregnancy with everybody.

Yes! You read well I’m pregnant, exactly today I complete my first trimester, and I feel so happy!!!!

Had been very hardly months, unfortunately the father of my baby didn’t want to share with me this bless, and that was very difficult for me because I never expected that. And believe me, had to tell to my family, friends and in my job that I’ll be a single mom was very sad and shocking.

You know, everyone expect that you do the things in its order, marriage, then the babies, and of course I wanted that too, but well… I’m trying to overpass all those feelings and thoughts.

So the important thing it’s that I’m gonna be mom!!!!!!!!!

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[7.09.07 (Monday) 7:51am]
[ mood | content ]

Snagged to maja_carlisle

You Are 75% Pure

You're pretty pure, and you have no plans on changing that.
You do have a devilish side though... and it will probably get the better of you.

Happy Birthday Maja... Have an awesome day!!!! *hughs*
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Please F-List help me!!! [6.22.07 (Friday) 7:09am]
[ mood | grateful ]

Hi every1. I just wonder if somebody could do something for me. The little explain is this... my family in law it's part of a program of families that care babys that are in adoption process, and they was caring for 2 little cuties, and they gone of them home this week. I took this pic days ago and I want to give it to them but it's too simple.

I know that a lot of you are very talented with the photoshop and that stuffs. Please could someone give it a little touch....


please, please, please........ PLEASE!!!!

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Hola a todas! [6.07.07 (Thursday) 12:47pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Hi every1, it's me again not too much to say just that I miss you all so much but I tried to read my journal every time I can.

Is winter in Guatemala and there are a lot of rain. I have to renew my driver licence today I hate the streets when is raining I rather be in my home with my cup of chocalote watching movies... lol I'm so lazy.

Estuardo and I are still together and OMG!!! we mentioned the word "marriage" sometimes.... but nothing to serious yet.

What else... Guatemala vrs. USA today in Copa Oro... lmao.. if somebody is interested in that information.

Could somebody update me with the last news of James, I know that he is recording a new albun that's great but what happen with P.S. I love you?

Luv ya all girls, write to me ok... bye!!!!!!


PS: edgehead73 I used one of your wallpappers to change my layout hon, credit you in my sidebar. And Chris what happen with your pics of the London con.

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[5.27.07 (Sunday) 9:18pm]
[ mood | happy ]

to laduchesse

*Hugs thight* God bless you girl, happy 20 !!!!
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[4.30.07 (Monday) 10:44am]
[ mood | loved ]

Have you ever felt that... love?Collapse )

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Stalker - meme [3.08.07 (Thursday) 12:22pm]
[ mood | weird ]

me4jm4eva's LJ stalker is nyghtpet!
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HAppi Birthday Chris!!!!! [2.28.07 (Wednesday) 7:27am]

To the lovely ukchrisp and cordykitten

Thanks girls first of all for your friendship, your support, your advises and your happines, God bless you!

Luv ya,

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[2.22.07 (Thursday) 7:49am]
[ mood | excited ]


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[2.15.07 (Thursday) 9:03am]
[ mood | happy ]

Hello Ladies!!!
I know it's a little late but HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY lots of kisses and hugs for ya.

Yesterday was very special for me, Estuardo called and told me that he wanted to stay with me, and well we went to lunch and talked, and was very cute, was great.... just like friends (that love each other, lol). The thing is that was great.

And yesterday night I was screaming like lunatic cause I was changing chanels and I stoped at the HBO-Ole (It's the latin version of the HBO) and suddenly I saw James and I was like OMG, OMG what it's this??? and I began to watch the trailer of Cool Money!!!. It's great cause I never had the chance to buy the DVD, but I'm gonna see the movie on February 17th, I have my vcr ready (my sister's vcr is ready too, you know just in case) and the great thing is that the movie will be with subtitles jajaja.

These becoming weeks gonna be awesome tomorrow is Tito EL Bambio Concert and of course I'm gonna be there, February 22th Ricky Martin's concert, and March 10th is the WWE Raw Road to Wrestlemania... jaja I know that is a little out of my way but I have something for that Cena so...

Pd: sorry for the typos

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[1.30.07 (Tuesday) 12:21pm]
Hi! everyone... yeah, it's me!!! How are you all? Happy New Year!!! (yeah right it's almost February, lol, I'm so lost)

A lot of things to tell but let start with this... I remembered that my last post was to tell you that I felt bad right!, well in fact I was very bad I needed to go to the hospital on December 30th and I was there until January 5th (wasn't the best way to start the year) I had, well... I still have some lets say "gynacologic problems" since I don't know when and never took enough care about them until, you know was late, but I'm a lot better I feel very well.

About the job I'm still at Avis almost year and half here and thanks God, everything it's ok.
My family? Oh, fine thanks for ask. lol, We were last weekend to Zacapa for some relax days was so great I took some pics but are still at the camara so let me a few days to show you.

I'm gonna go to Ricky Martin's concert on February 22th, yuhu!!! it's the first time that my sister tell me that she wants to go with me, it's gonna be awesome!!! (cheering me up, taking in count that I don't have the money to go to London to see JM).

And guess? I'm single again :(
yeah! Estuardo and I decided to take a time off, the things weren't going so well, we fought to much but I must admit that is hurting so much, cause I love him.. that's the truth I still love him, and I don't know... maybe later... MAYBE!!!
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[12.13.06 (Wednesday) 10:38am]

The vid's name is James Marsters on the insader, lol, but where?
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